Privacy Policy

We at NutraSmart LLC understand your concerns about privacy. As it turns out in our (very little) spare time, we like to shop online. So when we decided to start a business we chose to have (and stick to) a privacy policy that we would like to see on the web sites we patronize. Like most of our policies, our privacy policy is basic, easy to understand and offers you our customer the best protection we have been able to think up.

We do collect different types of information about and from the people who use our web site. The first category of information we collect is tracking data that is available to any web site you might choose to visit. This data consists of things such as: time of entry, landing page, referring page, search engine used, type of web browser, key words used, surfing habits once you are on our site, and your internet connection’s IP address. While this data is not personal, your IP address does give a good idea of where you are located like a city, state or country.

The other type of information we collect is information you provide to us to complete an order. This information is much more vital to you and we treat it as such. Examples of this type of information include: name, address, credit card numbers, email address and telephone numbers. All of this information is necessary in order for us to complete a sale. We treat this information with the greatest care.

We only collect this information through encrypted connections. For more information on this see the bottom of the page.

When we collect data from you we adhere to the following policies:

1. We don’t sell, rent or share your private information with other companies. We only use your private information for legitimate business related purposes.
2. We only collect data over secure web connections. We then store this data in our secure data base.
3. We do not keep a copy of your credit card number. We don’t even host the pages that require your credit card number. Instead, we redirect you to our credit card processing company’s secure hosted pages, and have you enter your credit card number directly on their secure pages. We never see your credit card number, but the process is integrated into our shopping cart to make the whole experience appear completely seamless to you. Sorry, but when you order again you are going to have to enter your credit card number. This is for both of our protection!
4. We never store you credit card number’s security code (CVN).
5. We work with a large (one of the largest) credit card processing companies.
6. We also offer PayPal as a payment option. If you use PayPal, you are protected by PayPal’s security offering.

This is our privacy policy. It is pretty simple.

Our lawyers made us put in an additional provision that we can change this policy at our discretion, so you should visit this page often. We will post any changes to our privacy policy here on this page.


The NutraSmart Team